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Comprehensive Metal Straightening

Person Performing Metal Straightening Services

Why throw your expensive parts into the scrap bin when they can be straightened or flattened to the original specifications? Advanced hydraulics Incorporated, provides full metal straightening and metal flattening services that cater to your individual needs. We straighten and flatten for all of the major steel suppliers, fabricators, aerospace, machine shops, and hydraulic repair facilities. Whether it is a cylinder rod, plate, bar, precision part, weldment, mold, or die, we have the expertise to bring it within the required specifications. Contact us now for metal straightening and flattening services for all the following materials and more:

  • Angles, I-beams, and Channels
  • Axles
  • Bars: Round, Hex, and Square
  • Crank Shafts
  • Cylinders: Shafts and Tubes
  • Dies
  • Forklift: Forks and Carriages
  • Molds
  • Precision Parts
  • Plates: All Shapes, Sizes, and Metals
  • Tubes: Round and Square
  • Weldments: Aircraft and Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Material Handling Parts
  • Architect Metals